We have a new year dream

Happy New Year 2013 REEF bade goodbye to 2012. We secured the fund, suppliers, and stakeholders and started the field installation of solar panels to poor households as part of Family first Program in last year. We look forward to see the first family first installation go-live in this year, to get engineering in action to alleviate poverty.

REEF has a dream for 2013. In order to support the Family First, Green Hospital & LEADS (education) program, we need a steady business model beyond reliance on Government and international policy. REEF will distribute solar lantern and environment friendly cooking stove to partners. The profit earned from distributorship will feed into our main cause.

We already have set our feet to the business plan. Y2013 will be the year of implementation, a year for new alliance, a tale of success stories of new endeavors.

Welcome 2013!

BY Manimala Kumar