Lighten up the poor, have a green treat – Merry Christmas!

The festive season has arrived. Houses are lit up. Gifts are piled up. Smell of goodies is in the air.

In contrast, there is no rosy picture for the unfortunates in a third world country. Christmas Eve is just like another day. The elderly works hard and can’t stop worrying about the economic condition of the household. The mother collects woods & cow dung to use as a cooking fuel and prepares a scanty meal for the family. For the children awaits a dark night.

REEFers aim to equip the poor families with high-efficiency, low-smoke cooking stoves that address environmental, economic and health threats. REEF distributes solar lantern to the households. REEF is also working to install solar panel in a multi family set up. Solar power in poor households does not only illuminate but also enlightens the future of the children who have to work during the day and will otherwise loose opportunity to study in the evening. Find more about us @

Happy Holidays!

BY Manimala Kumar


One thought on “Lighten up the poor, have a green treat – Merry Christmas!

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