Save our mothers!

Filipino Woman

Thanks to petitochips

She gets up at the crack of dawn, straps one baby to her back, the other to the front. And yet, one more lazily follows her around, tagging tightly on her heavily patched dress. She walks out, down the dark forest path. Oblivious of the danger that lurks along, the bloody rape that occurred on the same path last evening, she hurries to fetch firewood and with the few coins she has saved, buy paraffin to use on the lantern tonight. She needs to get back soon so that she can make a meal for her family, a meal that might as well be the only one of the day. This is her life. This is a Filipino woman at a remote part of the Philippines.

At Renewable Energy Enterprises Foundation, we know this woman. And we understand her needs. The Family First Program provides safe and affordable solar lanterns to light the homes, and energy efficient cook stoves that are environmentally friendly. You too can help. Connect with us today and alleviate poverty now.

by Patrick Kagema


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