Save our children! You are just a lantern away…

Solar Lanters

The sad, hard facts about the dangers of kerosene use for lighting in rural Philippines and other remote parts of the globe are most of the time difficult to comprehend. But let me break them down for you. Indoor air pollution! leading to respiratory illnesses, eye problems, poor health and infertility. High Levels of illiteracy emerging from poor school performance. These children attend the hospital more than school and can’t do their homework in the poorly lit houses. And this brings me to poverty. High kerosene costs mean little or no savings. And the short day hours due to poor night lighting means less working. The mothers or children also walk long distances through unsafe paths to go buy this kerosene. The risk of kidnapping or rape is very high and has often occurred. Fire accidents, leading to loss of lives and property make the situation no better. And the solution to all these vices you wonder…… just a solar lantern! Learn more from

by Patrick Kagema


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